Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.76 (July - Sept 2005) p31-37
Remote supervisory control and data acquisition system for palm diesel pilot plant

The enormous growth of the Internet in recent years have made significant impact on industrial development. Browser applications with graphical user interfaces have made accessing and navigating the web across geographical borders veiy easy. One such application is remote supervisory control and data acquisition (R-SCADA). Its objective is to implement a totally integrated automation (TIA) approach on the palm diesel pilot plant via information technology (IT) on a publish-subscribe and event-driven basis using Terminal Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). The WinCC Server and WinCC Web Navigator Server used in the system are separated from the communication via a channel structure. The advantages of R-SCADA are its capability to operate and monitor over long distance, remote diagnostics and fault elimination, rapid update rates due to event-driven communication, integration of management and diagnostic clients that have access to current production data and high safety security standard. Even though data is exposed to certain risk, there are several important concepts regarding a secure transaction. This approach can be easily implemented in a palm oil mill or a refinery.

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