Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.70 (Jan - Mar 2004) p15-16, 21-22
Energy database of the oil palm
SUBRAMANIAM, Vijaya , CHOW Mee Chin , MA Ah Ngan

All the palm oil mills in Malaysia use fibre and shell as boiler fuel to produce steam to generate electricity, for the milling process and also for other uses within the mill complex. This combustion process has been more of a disposal rather than optimal utilization of the biomass for energy. This research attempts to create an energy database for the oil palm biomass/products, which can be used by interested parties to obtain information regarding its energy potential. The calorific value, volatile matter content, ash content, moisture content, hexane extractable, elemental content and CHNS content are determined for the various oil palm hiomass/ products such as empty fruit bunch, fibre, shell, palm kernel cake, nut, crude palm oil, kernel oil, liquor from empty fruit bunch, palm oil mill effluent, oil palm trunk, frond and root.

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