Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.135 (Apr - Jun 2020) p29-34
Application of Palm Kernel Cake for Livestock Animals
Mohd Firdaus Othman* and Rohaya Mohammed Halim*

Palm kernel cake (PKC) is the residue left after oil extraction from palm kernel through mechanical process using screw press, which is abundantly produced throughout the year in kernel crushing plant. In 2019, the amount of PKC produced from 19.86 million tonnes of crude palm oil (CPO) was 2.59 million tonnes (Ghulam et al., 2020; Malaysian Palm Oil Board, 2020). Hence, PKC is mostly traded globally as animal feed but its acceptance level varies due to chemical compositions and animal digestive system. For example, cow can accept up to 60% PKC, while layer and broiler chicken can tolerate up to 50% and 30% PKC, respectively. However, pigs have the least tolerance for PKC as it can only consume 5% PKC in their diet formulation. This articles provides an overview and potential application of PKC as part of raw material in animal feed formulation.

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