Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.52 (Apr - Jun 1999) p7-12
Tipper system and its operation

In a palm oil mill, an overhead crane/hoist is the conventional system used to lift sterilized fruit bunches in cages to the threshing machines. The Tipper System is a good alternative with a much higher capacity. Its advantages will especially bc snore pronounced in the new mills having larger capacities. There is a limit to the size of cage when used with the overhead crane/hoist. The Tipper System, however, can handle cages with mo,-e than 3.5 ton nes FF8 capacity. The key features of the Tipper System is that it is easy to use and main lain and has a high FFB throughput. This paper highlights the principles of its operation and its advantages. It provides potential users with an option to choose front in the handling of sterilized bunches.

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