Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.75 (Apr - June 2005) p21-23
Oil content in empty fruit bunch
MA Ah Ngan

Oil content in empty fruit bunch (EFB) is one of the oil loss components in palm oil mill process control. It affects the oil extraction rate (OER). It is generally assumed that only oil from the fruits (mesocarp) is lost during steaming and threshing of fresh fruit bunch (FFB) and is subsequently adsorbed to the EFB. In the laboratory, as the oil is extracted using organic solvent like hexane, the process also extracts any hexane-soluble substances that are present in the EFB. Hitherto, no attempts have been made to investigate if there are any solvent extractable (indigenous oil and waxy matters) substances in the fresh fruit stalks, spikelets and calyx or collectively called fresh empty fruit bunch (FEFB). If they are present, they will contribute to the oil loss figure in the oil loss analysis. This study aims to quantify, if any, the oil and solvent extractable in the FEFB before steaming and threshing as well as the oil content in normal EFB.

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