Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.27 (October 1992) p3-10
Claybath versus hydrocyclones for cracked mixture separation
OH Lian Keng

This paper deals with the comparison in separation performance by hydroclay baths and hydrocyclones in handling cracked mixture obtained from thin shell nuts’ of the Tenera [D x Pl materials with a small amount of thick shell nuts of the Dura [D], Dura x Tenera [D x T] or Tenera x Tenera [T x T] materials. In most present day mills either type of cracked mixture separators are being utilised and the purpose of this paper is to highlight the effectiveness of these separators in the recovery of kernels from cracked mixture in relation to the type of pretreatment which may be necessary tor the various types of cracked mixture obtained from the various type of planting material available in the industry.

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