Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.130 (Jan - Mar 2019) p40-44
Benefits of Using Near Infrared Analysis in Palm Oil Mills for Quality Control – An IOI Experience
Chu Ket Pin*, Natasha Koh Siew Hung*, Ooi Yee Khai** and Teo Wei Boon**

The palm oil industry is an important pillar of the economy in some ASEAN countries, with huge acreage devoted to the planting of this high oil yielding crop. The total acreage under palm oil cultivation in 2017, has reached almost 5.77 million hectares, 11.90 million hectares and 0.75 million hectares in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand respectively. There is a huge number of crude palm oil (CPO) extraction mills and refineries constructed to extract and refine the palm oil. It has been a constant drive for the industry to enhance the oil extraction process efficiency in the mills and refineries.

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