Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No. 134 (Jan - Mar 2020) p29-34
Possible Changes in Milling Technology via Industry 4.0
Muhammad Izhar Kairi*; Mohd Shafril Baharudin*; Muhammad Zaidy Arnan*; Amirul Faizi Abdu Rahman*; Syed Mohd Hadi Syed Hilmi*; Rahmat Ngteni*; Yosri Mohd Siran*; Mohammed Faisal Mohammed Yunus* and Ahmad Jaril Asis*

This article is an updated version of the article published
in Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin Issue No. 123 which
discussed about the potential changes that would be
welcomed in the palm oil industry especially on the
mechanical design of the unit operation inside a palm oil
mill. In this article, emphasis will be given towards Industry
4.0 technologies that have great potential to improve and
enhance the palm oil milling process to reach new heights
and process efficiency.

Author information:
*Processing Technology, Sime Darby Plantation Research Sdn Bhd,
Lot 2664, Jalan Pulau Carey, 42960 Pulau Carey, Kuala Langat, Selangor.