Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.80 (July - Sept 2006) p15-22
Automated non-chemical water treatment for boiler
LIEW, Andrew S B

Electronic water conditioning is a relatively new technology which has evolved from the use of magnetic fields in water quality improvement. The advent of these systems introduces both variable energy and frequency changes. Electronic treatment is based on the principle of creating an oscillating field of energy with the use of low frequency radio or square waves. As water passes through a pipe delivering variable frequencies and energy levels, physical changes in the water clusters structure and preferred crystal structure of calcium and magnesium occurs. It changes the CaCO3crystalline structure to aragonite rather than the random crystalline structure of calcite.Aragonite is a form of calcite crystal that stays in suspension and does not adhere to surfaces. This action stops any further build-up of scale and because the solubility of the water is increased, existing scale is taken back into the water and gradually removed. It is also a magnetite generator, causing the formation of black rust Fe3O4 called magnetite instead of the common red rust Fe2O3. This acts as a protective layer, preventing further corrosion, as it is an inert material. The magnetite layer is self-generating, if there is any damage to it. Scale prevention and corrosion control provided by this process result in a non-chemical water treatment for boiler. This environmental friendly system does not require daily chemical analysis of water, reduces labour requirement and even equipment replacement,all at a cheaper cost over the existing chemical treatment.

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