Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.108 (July - Sept 2013) p21-24, 31-34
Process Review: Part 1
N Ravi Menon

Introduction: The Mongana Report can be called the treasure house of knowledge that has not been challenged by anyone yet. Most of the best milling we practice have principles descended down from the research finding of the Mongana Report or the Stork Review. This article is an abridged version of the Mongana Report plus some input from the Stork Review. The readers are urged to read the full report to gain more insight in this interesting topic. If a palm oil mill engineer wants to be an expert in milling, get hold of the Mongana Report as well as Stork Review and keep reading a number of times if needed to grasp the knowledge that is presented there. In this series of articles, we shall carry out a critical review of the processes. This is particularly needed now especially when the industry is pressurised to go modern. If modernisation is carried out without a good grasp of the fundamentals, money will be wasted on projects that will not work as the fundamentals will be missing. So articles of this nature could help innovation oriented engineers who may unknowingly plunge into expensive ventures that may end up as failures. Process Review is intended to encourage the millers to review, in depth, all our milling processes so that they may stumble upon new ways of processing. For doing that we may have to probe into some pages in history.

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