Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.139 (Jan - Apr 2022) p8-17
Long-Term Storage Stability of B7 Diesel Fuel
Chee Liang Yung*; Harrison Lik Nang Lau*; Soh Kheang Loh* and Astimar Abdul Aziz*

Besides fuelling diesel vehicles, petroleum diesel is also used for heat and power generation in the industrial sector in Malaysia. As a commonly used backup fuel in the power sector, storing petroleum diesel for an extended period is always intentional and unavoidable. Because biodiesel is known to be more susceptible to oxidation than the petroleum diesel, the stability of the resultant B7 diesel fuel is of great concern for use in the power generation sector, in particular after prolonged period. Due to limited information related to this issue, the storage stability of commercial B7 diesel fuel was evaluated in this study. All the tested samples showed good physical appearance even after a three-year storage period. Although their PetroOXY induction periods had declined tremendously, all of them exhibited well above the recommended limit of 65 min. Other properties i.e., kinematic viscosity, acid number, density, water content and colour were marginally affected, showing an upward trend but still within the stipulated limits for Malaysian diesel fuel. In summary, commercial B7 diesel fuel can be stored up to three years for industrial use as long as proper handling and storage procedures are practised to maintain the required stability and fuel quality.

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Author information:
*Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), 6 Persiaran Institusi, Bandar Baru Bangi, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.