Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.122 (Jan - Mar 2017) p11-24
Dry Separation of Palm Kernel and Palm Shell using a Novel 5-Stage Winnowing Column System
Rohaya Mohamed Halim*, Ridzuan Ramli*, Che Rahmat Che Mat*, Choo Yuen May*, Nasrin Abu Bakar*, Nu’man Abdul Hadi* and N Ravi Menon*

Palm fruit of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) contains mesocarp and palm kernel, the latter contributing 45-48 wt% of the total fruit. The kernel contains ca. 45%-50% kernel oil, which is rich in lauric acid C12 (45%-52%), myristic acid C14 (15%-17%) and oleic acid C18:1 (13%-19%). Palm kernel oil is widely used in food applications, including the production of margarine, confectionary fat, shortening and vegetable ghee. Furthermore, research and development have made it possible for the palm kernel oil to be used in non-food lipid sources for the production of bioresin, lubricants, chelating agents for metal extraction and other important chemicals.

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