Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.126 (Jan - Mar 2018) p11-17
Development of Biogas Upgrading Plant for the Production of Bio-Compressed Natural Gas (Bio-CNG) in Palm Oil Mills
Nasrin Abu Bakar*, Soh Kheang Loh*, Astimar Abdul Aziz*, Mohamed Fazil Mohamad Saad**, Mohd Kamahl M Kamarudin**, Lew Yan Soon *** and Lim Daw Yuen***

Palm oil mill effluent (POME) is a high-strength organic wastewater generated from the extraction of crude palm oil (CPO) from fresh fruit bunches (FFB) in palm oil mills. The wastewater is treated conventionally via a series of ponding systems involving anaerobic and aerobic microbial processes. Anaerobic digestion (AD) is the most commonly used method by the palm oil industry to treat POME to an acceptable level as set by the local authority before finally discharge to a watercourse, or for land application. This treatment process generates and emits huge quantities of biogas uncontrollably to the atmosphere. At a production rate of 28 m3 biogas for every m3 of POME, it was estimated that 1562 million m3 of biogas was generated from 85.84 million t of FFB processed in 456 palm oil mills nationwide in 2016 (MPOB, 2017).

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