Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.131 (Apr - Jun 2019) p24-28
Production of High Quality Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Low 3-MCPD Esters RBD Palm Oil
Rahmat N*; Syed Mohd Hadi S H*; Norliza S*; Syahril Anuar M R*; Yosri M S*; Mohammed Faisal MY*; Ahmadil!tri M N* and Ahmad Jaril A*

In general, palm oil milling process starts with sterilisation of the fresh fruit bunches (FFB), continued with the separation of the palm fruits from the bunch, and followed by mashing and mechanical pressing for the extraction of crude palm oil (CPO). The CPO will go through clarification and purification to complete the palm oil milling process. Conventional palm oil milling process requires dilution of crude oil to increase its fluidity and later enhances the separation of oil from its by-product at the clarification stage. Though good milling practices recommend using hot water for crude oil dilution, many palm oil millers are using the steriliser condensate and empty fruit bunch (EFB) liquor as dilution to recover some oil that would be lost in both streams, thus increase the mill’s oil recovery.

Author information:
*Processing Technology, Sime Darby Research Sdn. Bhd. Lot 2664, Jalan Pulau Carey, 42960 Carey Island, Kuala Langat, Selangor.