Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.114 (Jan - Mar 2015) p19-26, 33-35
An Introduction to Water Footprints for Millers
N Ravi Menon

This article was extracted from a dialogue session between the public and Ruth Mathews and Arjen Y Hoekstra that appeared in the Wikipedia and summarised to disseminate the important message it contains to the millers. The views expressed in this article are mainly from Ruth Mathews, Executive Director and Arjen Y Hoekstra, Scientific Director of Water Footprint Network (WFN). As the original report is very lengthy, thus only selected sections were extracted for this article. The millers may have to contribute what they can to implement some of the suggestions given in this article. All of us are aware of the fact that many countries are facing water shortage but no one would have thought that Malaysia also would be one of them. People in Selangor faced the worst water shortage quite recently and that should not have happened in a country blessed with abundant rain water that recently caused the worst floods in the east coast, making thousands of people homeless.

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