Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.122 (Jan - Mar 2017) p43-45
Premium Oil Segregation using Near-Infrared (NIR) Online System
Fatah Yah Abd Manaf*, Andrew Yap Kian Chung* and Muhammad Zaid Yasir*

The importance of monitoring crude palm oil (CPO) quality cannot be overemphasised when we consider the fact that good-quality refined oils must be produced from high quality CPO. Commonly the quality of crude palm oil is determined by several parameters such as the deterioration of bleach ability index (DOBI), iodine value (IV), moisture content, free fatty acid (FFA) and carotene content. The FFA content in crude palm oil is the most important because it affects the market price. Arising from the high demand in the palm oil industry market nowadays, the trend to produce crude palm oil with low (<1.5%) FFA has increased among the millers as it commands a premium price being recognised as a high quality food grade product. Great effort has been put up to improve the quality of palm oil including the determination and reduction of free fatty acids in palm oil.

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